How To Know When Your DVD Lens Is Burned

The How to Know When Your DVD Lens Is Burned

You must know that DVD players are interpreting data on a disc using a laser. That way, data is converted into video and audio signals. The route is the following: the DVD receives the laser beam and then the data will be reflected by the lens. It will read the data at that moment. If the lens is damaged you will notice that your DVD player is not working and it is not reading the discs. The issue might also be caused by a dirty lens. Often, it’s blocking the DVD to read any media from a disc. But, the most of time a lens needs to be replaced because it’s damaged, burned or has stopped working.

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To solve the issue, you will need to follow the next steps: use a Cleaner DVD, a screwdriver, cotton swabs, and rubbing alcohol. To establish the cause, insert a clean and scratch-free disc into your DVD player, and that way you will see what is happening. The DVD might not read a disc because it is dirty and scratched, and not because of a faulty lens. If the DVD player is not playing a clean or a new disc, it means that you are dealing with a player problem.


If the lens is having some difficulties reading the disc there are a few signs that are point to that issue. For example, listen to the noises that the machine is making when you insert a disc into your DVD player. You will have to hear if they are some sounds in the form of clicks or creak-like. It means that the lens is still good but dirty and the laser is engaging and attempting to read the disc. But if there is no noise coming from the device it means that your lens is certainly burned out.

Another possibility is to use a DVD player to clean the disc. You will notice that it has on its underside thousands of tiny, microfiber bristles. All you will have to do is to insert it into the DVD player and it will start to clean the surface of the lens to help it play more easily. Once the process is completed, try to see if the issue is solved by inserting a new, clean disc. If it’s still not working, you will have to consider that the lens is still dirty or probably it’s completely burned out.


The next step is to locate the lens. To do that, start by searching the screws that are outside of the DVD player. Then, remove it and try to lift the casing away from the internal hardware. Look on the DVD tray for a small glass bulb which is the lens. Once found use cotton swabs moisten in rubbing alcohol and then blotted into a clean towel, to clean the lens. After you have gently cleaned the smudges, try again to use a clean DVD. Your lens should work again if it had a dirt issue. If not, it means that it needs to be replaced because it’s burned out.

From that moment on, you will have to consider taking the DVD player to a repair shop to make sure that the lens is burned out. If that’s the case, proceed to replace it with a new one, which is a very simple and inexpensive process. If the issue is a faulty laser, you might consider replacing the DVD player because it will be more economical.

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