Cmake with Unforgivable Errors

Are you searching for an open-source building, testing, and packaging software? We recommend that you try CMake. It is a great open-source tool that facilitates you to test, build, and package your software. This system is not a new one to the digital market; instead, programs had been using it before the PVS-Studio analyzer became available in the market. Speaking of which, this analyzer has recently been used to check the source code of CMake. Are you interested to know about the errors it was able to find? Continue reading this article.

A lot ofpeople use CMakein their projects.It became preferred software to the vast audience, and bug bounties thought to find errors in its code. What follows is just a couple of errors PVS-Studio was able to find in CMake’s code.

Let’s begin with the V1040 diagnostic, which detects the spelling errors in pre-defined macro names. The very first error it found was a missing underscore character in the _MINGW32_ macro name

Another significant error was found in the functioning of the program. The analysis of coding through V531 revealed that the developer had multiplied results of two the sizeof() expressions when initializing a varible, which gave it a wrong value. You can see this error prominently in the image below;

There were many other mistakes, found in CMake’s code. There exist much other similar projects which have a lot of vulnerabilities, and you can also participate in finding them. That is why the developers of software offer you to find the vulnerabilities in their open-source software and get a reward in return.

Thus, if you are also searching for an online job and don’t know how you can get that, then join HackerOne. Register yourself here and visit the projects, posted by the European Union. Here you will find a list of open-source software. You need to choose the right one and check its coding by using any code testing software. For example, you can use PVS-Studio to analyze errors in the coding of programs; Java, C#, and C++. Run your software to detect the code errors in the selected project and make the report of mistakes, you found in the software coding. It is not necessary to search for all errors, because even the single error in software coding is unforgivable. Highlight the code, make a report, and get rewarded for your efforts, as the developers did in the case of CMake.

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