How To Enable “New Tab Page” For Speed Dial In Mozilla Firefox Nightly Build

How To Enable “New Tab Page” For Speed Dial In Mozilla Firefox Nightly Build

As many of you are well aware, Mozilla Firefox’s Nightly Builds contain support for the new speed dial tab page, which is very similar to the one used by Google Chrome. However, this feature was available in previous versions as well, but required downloading and installing an extension, and only then could your Firefox browser display the speed dial page. However, you can now easily enable it by using ‘about: config’ hacks to trick your Firefox web browser into displaying it.


Mozilla Firefox Nightly Builds are the most recent versions of the browser, and Mozilla has assured users that with this slightly new generation, they will be able to reclaim market share and continue the battle for supremacy against Internet Explorer 9 and Google Chrome, the browser’s primary competitors. The new tab page will only work with Nightly Builds. This new addition makes Firefox look extremely similar to Chrome, and if you desire to apply the modifications to your machine, you need to follow the procedures outlined in this post.


Firefox’s ‘new tab page’ is a 33-column grid that contains the most frequently visited websites; if you want to activate it for your installed Mozilla Firefox, simply follow the procedures stated below. Please keep in mind that the modifications are only applicable to the most recent ‘Firefox 13.0 Alpha 1’ Nightly Builds. How to do it:

Launch Mozilla Firefox and type ‘about config’ without the commas in the address box, followed by the Enter key on your computer’s keyboard.

A warning notice should now appear. To access the configuration menu, click the ‘I’ll be careful, I promise!’ button.


Type ‘new tab’ in the search filter field and then press Enter to initiate the search.

You should see a list with a line called ‘browser. new tab.URL in it, which you should double-click. Now modify its value to ‘about:new tab from ‘about:blank’.

Now double-click the line that reads “browser. new tab page. enabled” and change the value to true.


Restart Mozilla Firefox and it should now display the new tab page. Allow yourself to alter it in any way that suits you.

This concludes the procedure for activating the Firefox web browser’s Speed Dial page. If you don’t like how it works or if you believe it’s running slowly, you can quickly disable it by repeating the steps in step 5, but this time double-clicking them and selecting to reset preferences, then closing and relaunching Firefox to ensure the changes take effect.


Additionally, if you do not have the most recent Nightly Build of Mozilla Firefox and desire to download and install it, please visit this page and select the most recent version for installation. Please take note that the most recent releases appear at the bottom of that page. I hope this guide was helpful, and if you have any further questions, please post them in the comments section at the bottom of this post.


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