15 Business Podcasts You Need to Listen This Year

15 Business Podcasts You Need to Listen This Year

If you’re looking for information about how to start or operate a business, podcasts might be an excellent source of information. They frequently feature business professionals who are willing to share their knowledge – particularly with entrepreneurs. This information is priceless. From the most fundamental strategy to the mistakes they’ve made and vow never to repeat. you’ll always find a nugget or two that you can use for your business.

With so many podcasts available, you’re probably wondering which ones are worth your time. If you’re an entrepreneur in the process of building a business concept or establishing an internet presence, you should begin by listening to these top 15 business podcasts available today.

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15 Business Podcasts

  1. Decryptor

Nilay Patel, editor-in-chief of The Verge, is the host of the podcast Decoder, which focuses on the pioneers and decision-makers at the cutting edge of technology and business. What distinguishes this business podcast from others is the presence of more contentious issues. Patel delves into these topics with the assistance of his guest guests in episodes such as “Juul and the Business of Addiction” and “Why Spotify’s Horacio Gutierrez Believes Apple Is a Monopolist.”

  1. Harvard Business Review IdeaCast

That would be the Harvard Business Review. IdeaCast is an excellent resource for practical advice on how to deal with work problems and challenges. It’s extensive and instructive, providing listeners with a free education without the high cost of an Ivy League degree.

The HBR IdeaCast has also included some of the most inventive investigative work, such as the four-part documentary series “The Rise and Fall of Carlos Ghosen,” which chronicles the rise and fall of Carlos Ghosen, a former Nissan executive who became an international wanted criminal. With a solid editorial team behind the show, the business podcast is always at the forefront of one of the world’s fastest-growing industries.

  1. Being Self-Employed

For five years, over five years, over five years, the freelancing podcast has presented audiences worldwide with an insider’s view of the hardships and rewards of independent work. It varies from user experience consultant to e-book author. These exceptional guests have learned a few things about how to make the freelancer process a little more joyful through their own experiences and errors. If you’re an aspiring professional or a seasoned freelancer, you’ll want to add this business podcast to your weekend listening list.

  1. Design Is Critical

Debbie Millman, an educator, speaker, and brand strategist, launched Design Matters, a podcast that bridges the divide between art and design. Millman conducts in-depth interviews with celebrities such as Ethan Hawke and Claire Danes, artists Nick Cave and Bob Faust, and businesspeople Seth Godin and Jacqueline Novogratz. Join us for the world’s longest-running design podcast.

  1. Podcast for Entrepreneurs

The StartUp podcast touted as the “program about what it’s like to start a business,” is a documentary-style series loaded with comedy, drama, and tension about the entrepreneurial lifestyle. They are the defining characteristics of an engrossing story.

Alex Blumberg, the creator of the radio show This American Life, documented his early challenges with starting an online podcasting business, which inspired the concept of StartUp. The show delivers a live-streamed look at business problems, clashes, and resolutions, as well as staff burnout, as Blumberg and co-founder Matt Leiber developed Gimlet Media from the ground up.

  1. Ambition in Brown

What do you get when you combine two extremely successful female finance journalists? Brown Ambition is an unapologetically business podcast. Mandi Woodruff and Tiffany Aliche are both specialists in assisting individuals in accumulating money via the use of tactics and tools that enable them to regain control of their financial and professional lives.

Personal budgeting, managing work and family life, and learning how to invest and save are just a few of the subjects tackled by Woodruff and Aliche on the podcast. Additionally, they discuss race, politics, and their influence on communities of color across the country. Nothing remains unspoken.

Y Combinator Podcast 07.

The Y Combinator Podcast is another outstanding business-oriented podcast targeted towards entrepreneurs. It’s an in-house show produced by Y Combinator, a startup accelerator.

The primary takeaway from this episode is an understanding of the intricacies of starting and financing a business, as illustrated by the personal experiences of guests who have overcome obstacles and succeeded as entrepreneurs. If you’re just beginning your entrepreneurial path or are currently in the thick of it, it’s a smart idea to immerse yourself in the show.

  1. The Podcast for Jewish Women Entrepreneurs

The final business podcast on this list is not yet a household name, but with just a few episodes, The Jewish Women Entrepreneur Podcast is well on its way to becoming one. The presentation focuses on ladies, Jewish identity, and corporate leadership, with an emphasis on a critical issue that has been overlooked for a long period. Although there is much to discuss how Jewish spirituality may assist in running businesses, the hosts of the show are determined to shift our perspective in the direction of positive social reform.

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