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OnePlus Nord N100 10.5.5.BE81AA Stock & Patched Boot Image Files


OnePlus Nord N100 10.5.5.BE81AA Stock Boot & Patched Boot Image Files


One major question that might come to your mind is why would one need these files. Well the answer stands simple while OnePlus devices have a plethora of customizations and feature sets, there’s always room for improvement. Unlocking you phone’s boot loader will automatically give yourself administrative privileges. which allows users total control over their device with ease.

The process of rooting the phone can be dangerous. as it may cause irreparable damage to your device. The two approaches that you have are through TWRP Recovery or via installing an unofficial build on Nord. however both methods come with risks which makes people hesitate before they decide how best approach should really go about this delicate task.

stock boot files OnePlus Nord100 Stock Boot


Download OnePlus Nord N100 10.5.5.BE81AA Stock Boot Image File


OnePlus Nord Stock Boot Image 10.5.5.BE81AA Europe Variant

That 2nd method involves extracting the stock boot image file from stock ROM then patch it with Magisk than flash it VIA Fastboot Commands. The process of downloading a Stock ROM system on your device is always complicated. But it becomes even more challenging when you need to extract the Boot, Modem, Vender, Vbmeta, from the firmware files from inside an encrypted package (payload.bin) file without any help or knowledge about code breaking algorithms like crypto cracking tools such as John The Ripper (JTR).

And if this task sounds too difficult for someone who doesn’t know what they are doing then there’s another option which allows users access their original OS through recovery modes that can be accessed using Python and Fastboot Mode Commands: by taking advantage our proprietary tool called “Payload Dumper Tool”.

OnePlus Nord100 Stock Boot

OnePlus Nord N100 10.5.5.BE81AA Magisk Patched Boot File

The OnePlus Nord stock boot image files are available for download on this site. Downloading these heavy 2+GB firmware and then extracting them with Python has taken quite some precious time so please attribute credits to my work when using the links provided in any websites or blogs you create! Thank You 🙂

How to Extract OnePlus Nord N100


Stock Boot Image

In order to extract the firmware from a device, you will need Python and the Payload Dumper tool. You can download both of these from our website or by following this guide Visit and Share and Like

Latest Firmware Build of this Model while writing this is:  One Plus Nord N10011.0.3.BE81AA Download HERE

Also Download One Plus Nord N100 11.0.3.BE81AA Stock and Patched Boot Files Here

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