Learn The Best  Way To Setup A Surround Sound System

 A five-speaker system is a great way to improve your movie-watching experience. Here, we have compiled a few tips that will assist you in setting up your home theater system in the right way.

What is a house audio system?

A house audio system is a kind of system that provides unparalleled control of the music in any room as you desire. With a wide range of applications for your keypad controls or iPad in each room, this multi-room audio system offers superior level access to all the favorite tunes on the hard-drive, XM-Sirius satellite radio, cloud-based music servers, and online audio sites like Rhapsody, Spotify and Pandora.

Listen up is one of the best companies that offer surround sound installation in Denver. This company is specialized in designing these systems for home use. They provide all types of entertainment choices at a single place that makes them easier to manage.

Use optical or digital audio cables

If you are trying to attach a DVD player, or a Blu-ray to your surround sound system, then you would need to make use of an HDMI cable, a digital audio cable, an optical audio cable between your audio player and the Audio Video receiver.

These cables deliver the highest level of audio and the essential encoding information that enables the receiver to generate the right surround sound output.

It doesn’t require you to spend extravagantly. You can easily get a decent quality cable from an online website that will give you a perfect sound experience comparable to the costlier wires that most of the electronics retail stores try to sell to you.

Enhance center channel audio

If you have problems related to hearing movie dialogues, then you need to increase the center channel audio level. This has to be done relative to the left and right front channel speakers.

You need to consult the audio-video receiver’s manual for boosting up the setup menu of the speaker. This is the menu where you will find settings for adjusting the volume of the center channel speaker.

Place the subwoofer near to small-sized front channel speakers

If the front channel speaker has got drivers that are less than nine inches in size, then you will need to place the subwoofer in a few feet distance in the front channel speaker.

In case of small-sized speakers, a majority of the bass will come from the subwoofer. By placing the subwoofer very far from the front speakers, the bass will appear detached from the remaining of the movie soundtrack.

Placement of the back-end channel speakers

Don’t make the mistake of placing the rear channel speakers in front of the head. The right way to place them is a little behind and a little above ear level. Aim them in the direction of the seating place.


Not many people know how to set up their surround sound system the right way. This guide will assist you in the right set up of the system to get the best benefit from it.


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