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Samsung Galaxy S22 Screen Sizes, What To Expect?

Samsung Galaxy S22 Screen Sizes, What To Expect?

In the lead-up to its expected launch in December or early 2022, rumors of an upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 are heating up. There has been a lot of focus on the Galaxy S22’s camera so far. In other rumors, the Samsung Galaxy S22 is expected to be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 895 or Exynos 2200. In addition to an under-player camera, it has a thinner design and small display screen size.

However, some improvement is required in the Galaxy S22’s camera performance in order to compete with the iPhone 13 series, which offers better image quality. Here are all the rumors about the Display screen size of most awaiting Samsung Galaxy S22.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Screen

interesting rumors about display screen size of samsung galaxy s22

Samsung Galaxy S22 Screen


We’re still a long way from Samsung’s Galaxy S22 series, but some rumors disclose the details of Screen sizes and displays of the Samsung Galaxy S22. According to the latest news from different channels, Samsung would offer smaller display sizes for their upcoming Galaxy S22 android phone than the Galaxy S21 phone series. Samsung Galaxy S22 is expected to be the smallest Samsung phone in recent years.  Samsung Galaxy S22 can have these three sizes of the screen:

⦁ Samsung Galaxy S22: It has a display screen of 6.01 inches.

⦁ Samsung Galaxy S22 Pro: It has a display screen of 6.55 inches.

⦁ Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra model: It has a display screen of 6.81 inches.

For guidance, Samsung Galaxy S21(launched this year) has 6.2 inches display screen, the S21+ has 6.7 inches display screen, while the S21 Ultra model has 6.8 inches display screen.

differance in sizes:

The screen size of the Galaxy S22 is different from the Galaxy S22 pro and Galaxy S22 ultra model. According to the latest news, Samsung Company attempts to accurately differentiate between the other series phones of Samsung S22 with this significant difference in Display screen size.

However, all phones of the Galaxy S22 series would sport 120Hz refresh rates. The Samsung Galaxy Ultra model has a capability of QHD+ resolution and has an LTPO (low-temperature-polycrystalline-oxide) technology. It means that only Ultra Models would be able to scale refresh rates on its screen. The range of refresh rate for the Ultra Model would be 1Hz to 120Hz. This dynamic refresh rate alteration helps in improved battery’s life management. These features are not present in Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 pro.

According to one of the reports, these three phones have different volumes of production.

⦁  Samsung Galaxy S22: It accounts for 50-60% volume of production.

⦁  Samsung Galaxy S22 pro: It accounts for just 20% of the volume of production.

⦁  Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra model: It accounts for the remaining 20-30% of the production volume.

will samsung galaxy s22 beat iphone in display Display size ?

The iPhone model has a much smaller display screen size than the Samsung S22 series.

⦁  iPhone 12: It has 5.4 inches display screen.

⦁  iPhone Pro: It has 6.1 inches display screen.

⦁  iPhone Pro Max has 6.7 inches display screen.


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Conclusion paragraph: The Samsung Galaxy S22 has been generating a lot of buzz as the company’s next flagship device. However, based on this information from unknown sources, it seems unlikely that the Galaxy will be able to beat out iPhone in terms of processing power and battery life. What is your favorite compact phone? Do you know any other ways I can do this? Let me know below!

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